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Foods for Healthy Teeth

  • Limit sugar and eliminate sugary beverages such as soda or pop from your teen’s diet. Teens are drinking more soft drinks and sports beverages that contain high amounts of sugar than ever before, both in school and at home. Sugar is the jet fuel that creates cavities and drives childhood obesity.

  • Teach your teen to drink tap water or milk instead of sugary beverages. In Maryland, most tap water contains fluoride that prevents cavities.

  • Make sure your teen does not chew gum that contains sugar. 

  • You and your teen should read nutrition labels so you can make good food choices that are low in sugar.  

  • Treats like candy, cake, cookies and ice cream should be – only treats!

  • Teens should eat well-balanced meals consisting of fresh foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, dairy, grains, lean meats, and fish unless they have dietary restrictions.